Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Congrats to all the Mets fans, whose fears of cheap, swindling management rightfully led them to believe that the hero of their 2015 season, Yoenis CĂ©spedes, might not return to Flushing after exercising his one-year opt-out in late October.

Ken Rosenthal reports CĂ©spedes is in fact returning to the Mets, and with a contract much bigger than the three-year, $75 million deal the Mets gave him last year.

Céspedes’s deal is not only big money for the Mets, but as Rosenthal notes, is big money in context, too.


Céspedes will reportedly have a no-trade clause on his new contract. The Cuban outfielder was one of the offseason’s top free agents after hitting .280/.354/.530 with 31 home runs for the Mets last year.


Barring CĂ©spedes going all Jason Heyward on everyone, this looks to be a legitimately good move by the Mets. We live in strange times.