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Mets Fan Accidentally Showers Ryan Braun With Overpriced Beer

Mets first baseman Pete Alonso was smashing things pitches early on Sunday against the Brewers. In the bottom of the first, he sent a fastball deep into left field and forced Ryan Braun to try and track it down by the wall. Thinking it was going over, Braun made an attempt at a leaping catch but was a couple feet away from the ball. The good news is that the ball safely bounced off that part of the outfield wall, and it wasn’t a home run. The bad news is that Braun was given a shower of beer for his efforts.


As the broadcasters pointed out, interference couldn’t really be called since the beer didn’t get in the way of the ball. The light beer only fell on Braun’s head after the ball bounced off the wall. A fan giving a visiting team’s player a foamy hat should not give that team a free out, regardless of how shitty and overpriced the source liquid is.

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