Miami Fan Charged With Felony Battery After Getting Slugged By Cop

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The drunken Miami Hurricanes fan seen getting knocked out by a punch from a Miami-Dade police officer while being carried out of yesterday’s Virginia Tech-Miami game is now being charged with felony battery on a police officer, according to an Associated Press report.

Police have charged a 30-year-old nurse with felony battery on a police officer for her part in a videotaped altercation with a detective at a University of Miami football game.

Police said Bridget Freitas slapped an officer while being carried out during Miami’s win Saturday over Virginia Tech at Hard Rock Stadium.

The officer then punched her in the face. His full name has not been released.

So, this woman is having a pretty terrible weekend: drank too much at a football game; got kicked out of said football game; ate a devastating right hand; was charged with a felony. At least her Hurricanes won! Never go to football games.