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Miami Marlins Sorry For Blaming Tampa Bay Rays For Killing Steve Irwin

A spokesman for the Miami Marlins apologized today for a bit of spicy Twitter banter in which the Marlins’ account blamed the Tampa Bay Rays for Steve Irwin’s death, Miami radio host Andy Slater reported.

The tweet in question, which was sent yesterday at 12:46 p.m. EDT and was, for once not deleted, says, “yOU’RE LITERALLY THE ANIMAL THAT KILLED STEVE IRWIN LOG OFF.”


“This was a regrettable exchange by our otherwise creative social media team. Unfortunately, in this medium, sometimes we swing and miss, and this was definitely a miss,” the unnamed Marlins spokesman said, adding: “The matter has been addressed internally.”

The exchange began on August 3:


This afternoon, the Marlins’ account, still pretending to be a person, took a conciliatory tone.


Once again we are reminded that this is the logical endpoint of teams and brands continuing to insist that their official accounts tweet like real people. There is nothing more human than sending a regrettable tweet.

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