Michael Crabtree And Aqib Talib Sparked A Raiders-Broncos Fight

Last season, Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree had a bit of a kerfuffle when the Denver corner ripped the chain off the Oakland receiver on the field. Today, just four minutes into the Broncos-Raiders rematch, Crabtree went for payback, blocking Talib so roughly that he forced Talib off the field and onto the ground. Crabtree was swarmed by Denver players on the sideline, and the situation escalated into a full-on confrontation between both teams, highlighted by a helmetless Crabtree taking a right-handed swing at Talib in open field.

Both Crabtree and Talib, unsurprisingly, were ejected for their actions. Marshawn Lynch was kind enough to escort Talib through the Raiders’ sideline and into the tunnel.