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Michael Jackson's Big Night Out

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Each time Michael Jackson pops up in public, I always think, hey, that guy who seemed to be the most captivating entertainer on the planet is still somewhere hidden behind that Play-Doh face. Probably not, but, come on, am I the only one who, as a 10-year-old, once thought my life would change for the better if I got me one of those red pleather jackets with all the zippers on them? I'm happy that I never met the man back then because, yeah, I would've gladly hopped inside a sleeping bag with him. What's that, Michael? You want to cuddle in our pajamas? Absolutely! Bring the chimpanzee, too! We'll play steamroller.

The reason for this little trip down memory shame is that Michael Jackson extricated himself from whichever alternative Candy Land-like universe he exists to attend last weekend's UFC 84 throwdown. Yes, that shadowy figure wearing the burka and the giant sunglasses trying to remain invisible is Michael Jackson.

Does this help or hurt UFC's image? Either Michael has started taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu lessons on the side or he just really, really enjoys watching shirtless young men crawl all over each other without fear of any kind of legal repercussions.


I choose ... B.

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