Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan got engaged on New Years Eve, 1987. Jordan was in his third year in the NBA at the time, and had just filmed a Nike commercial with Spike Lee. They were married almost two years later โ€” in Las Vegas, of course โ€” and they signed a "post-nuptial agreement," whatever that is, a year after the wedding. We don't know the exact terms of that "post-nuptial agreement," but it clearly didn't work out well for Michael.

According to the Times UK, Jordan's divorce settlement is going to come out to about $168 million. That's the most expensive celebrity divorce of all time.

Last December, when Jordan, 44, and his wife Juanita, 48, split up, the athlete balked at signing the settlement. Insiders claim that negotiations have added ยฃ20m to the final deal.

The final severance package for Juanita Jordan, which includes the couple's seven-acre estate in Chicago and custody of their three children, is expected to be agreed before the first anniversary of their last row - which was said to be about money.

Yesterday, Jordan's son Jeffrey made his debut for the Illini basketball team, missing a shot and committing a turnover in a win over Northeastern. Jeffrey is a walk-on in Champaign, but if this divorce business keeps up, Michael's gonna need a scholarship for this kid. So it might help for you to drop a jumper at some point, Jeff.

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