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Michael Jordan, Master Thespian

Brilliant!: Michael Jordan's first acting gig, for a UNC med student project. Or some kind of Amish recruitment program, I'm not sure. [NESW]

Enjoy your coach: The Mangini Era is here. Can you feel it Browns fans? Good things are going to... wait, why are you laughing? [WFNY + Cleveland Frowns]


Does this seat feel warm?: Is Gary Williams in trouble at Maryland? I hear he once backed over a turtle with his car. [Stet Sports]

Save Tony: Archie Manning's son heard from this guy who knows this girl that's going with this kid who says Tony Dungy won't retire this year. I guess it's pretty serious. [MSF]

The way it should be: Citi Field is already a putrid, decaying dump. Welcome home, Mets fans! [Beehive Haridresser]

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