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Michael Jordan's Tears Do Not Prove He's Human

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I was out last night so I didn't catch Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction speech until this morning, but it was pretty damn classic and incredibly moving, and no one seemed more moved by it than MJ himself.

Seeing Michael Jordan cry like he does in this clip is sort of like seeing your father cry. I mean, I've only seen my father cry only once, barely shedding a single tear in the process, and I'm sure I've seen MJ weep previously after winning a championship or something, but goodness gracious this was sort of striking. Apart from the weeping, Jordan pays tribute to David Thompson as a personal hero of his and shares a great anecdote involving former Jazz guard Byron Russell. And you kind of have to feel for David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan and Vivian about being overshadowed.

Also, who's Michael's lovely lady-friend?

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