Michael Thomas Stayed Up Late To Needle "Goof Ball Con Artist" Josh Norman On Twitter

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Photo: Chris Graythen (Getty)

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas and Skins cornerback Josh Norman spent much of last night feuding on Twitter after New Orleans drubbed Washington 43-19 on Monday night. It started with three different Skins defensive backs calling out Thomas in their post-match pressers for being a twerp.


Per ESPN, Norman said:

“That guy — to speak on him, I will not waste my breath,” Norman said, when asked about Thomas. “I’m sorry. I will not. He’s not worthy of it. He never will be worthy of it.”

Quinton Dunbar joined in, calling Thomas “corny.”

“He was just doing little slick shit after the plays, tapping you and doing little crazy stuff after the play trying to get you going,” Dunbar said. “Pushing, hitting, talking—doing all that.”

“I don’t take disrespect well,” Dunbar said. “For you to keep hitting another man and going back to the huddle, who does that? Not hitting after the whistle, but tapping you as he’s going back to the huddle. Just little corny stuff.”

As did safety D.J. Swearinger:

“(Thomas) is just a clown — just clowning,” Swearinger said. “Just doing little petty stuff after the play. Petty stuff after the play the referees would call if this wasn’t history night for Drew Brees. But we had to fight against the refs and all that, too.”


Thomas pounced on the remarks late last night, and said he was the reason Norman was benched briefly in the second half.


In since-deleted tweets, Norman responded by calling Thomas a “clout chasing” clown and saying he did “nothing but block.” The defensive back claimed he kept Thomas, who had four receptions for a total of 74 yards, catchless when he covered him. The Saints receiver called Norman a “zone corner,” among other things:


Thomas wasn’t about to let Norman get away with deleting his tweets, either:


Thomas was on Twitter yapping at Norman and retweeting stuff like this for more than five hours, so who was the real loser here?