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Michael Vick Delivered A Graduation Speech, But No One Paid Attention

Remember Dwight Eisenhower's famous farewell address, where he warned us of the military-industrial complex, but we didn't listen to him and wound up in lots of unnecessary (and unnecessarily costly) wars? Maybe this is the lowbrow version of that address.


Because none of the high school students at the ceremony—held at Philly's Kimmel Center—could possibly have heard Vick. You can see (and, uh, hear) that in the above video.

Or you can read it in CSN Philly's account of the event:

The Kimmel Center more resembled a football game than a graduation.

Complete with whistles and air horns, wild cheers and even a round of boos, it was the day nearly 450 graduates had been waiting for.


Vick was speaking to graduates of Philly's Camelot schools program—kids who either fell too far behind at, or got expelled from, traditional schools. We assume he said, "Stay below a 4.3 40 time, and you'll be fine, kids." But we wouldn't know. We couldn't hear him.

Vick gives commencement address to graduates [CSN Philly]

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