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Michael Vick Does Dallas

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Eagles vs. Cowboys. From the Philadelphia Daily News...

The Eagles can rightly claim that those games last season have nothing to do with what will happen on Sunday night at Cowboys Stadium. On the one side of the ball, the Eagles have Vick and not Donovan McNabb. On the other side of the ball, half of the Eagles' current defensive starters weren't starters when Tony Romo clubbed them, and Romo will be watching this time as Jon Kitna goes about the business of trying to outscore Vick without his most explosive receiver, Dez Bryant.
It really is different.
For whatever reason, this feels like a DeSean kind of a week.


From the Dallas Morning News...

Since the Cowboys aren't going to play in the Super Bowl, you might as well root for Vick and the first-place Philadelphia Eagles to represent the NFC. They get an opportunity to continue their push toward the NFC East title with a win over the Cowboys on Sunday.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell certainly wouldn't mind. You shouldn't either.

And, from a biased search-engine operator...

27-24, (F)act. Can't bring myself to say who, though.

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