Michael Vick: I Knew It Was Time To Retire When The Vikings Didn't Call After Teddy Bridgewater's Injury

Photo Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty
Photo Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty

Michael Vick last saw NFL action in October of 2015, but he didn’t make his retirement official until yesterday, when he announced it to a group of reporters at the Super Bowl.


The final straw was not that he hasn’t played in more than half a season’s worth of games in nearly three years or the simple fact that he’s now 36. It was that after Teddy Bridgewater blew out his knee in August, the Vikings chose to trade for Sam Bradford rather than give Vick a call. As quoted by Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

“Me and the guys (his associates) were sitting on the couch, and I thought I was going to get a call, man. But they didn’t call. That was probably the reason I chose to go into retirement, because I could have helped that football team..... I think they dropped the ball on that one. Me and Adrian Peterson would have been dynamic. I think a lot of these general managers, they don’t make the right decisions. Ultimately, I think it jeopardizes their careers, too. But it’s all in who you want. I would have loved to play with Adrian and played with the Vikings. But it’s all good.”

But it’s all good. He doesn’t even care, you know?

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