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Michael Vick, Police Can't Agree On Whether Weed Is Classified As "Jewelry"

Ron Mexico would like to make it clear to you that the whole water bottle at the airport incident ... he wasn't hiding weed, he was hiding bling.

"I had earrings in it, and I had jewelry in it," Vick said of the 20-ounce Aquafina bottle, which was red-flagged at the security checkpoint because liquid containers of that size can't be carried through. "They took the bottle. I don't know what they did with the bottle. I guess they were trying to, I don't want to say frame me, but at the same time look at what I had to go through."


Problem is, police say, "Uh, no, we don't think so." The police report mentions nothing about jewelry, and the cops say this is the first they've heard of anything. In other words, Vick is full of it. That said, Vick said the incident "has just made people love me more." Yeah, because they know you have weed; that always has made us more popular too.

Vick's Water Bottle Claim Disputed By Police [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


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