The hole that Michael Vick is in keeps getting bigger and bigger, like an infected puncture wound on the muscular neck of a not-quite-ferocious enough pitbull.

Via ProFootballTalk, Chris Landry of Fox Sports says Ray Buchanan, a former teammate of Vick's, told him some things that make Vick's "I don't know anything about this" defense even less credible. From PFT:

Said Landry of his discussion with Buchanan: "He tells me that Michael has been into this dog fighting for so long that . . . .he not only knew about, he is behind all of it, he's paying for all of it. . . . Apparently, he's into it big time."

Landry also said that Vick was actively recruiting teammates to become involved in the "sport." The audio of the Landry interview can be heard right here.

Ah, Michael. If only he'd have realized how much better this situation would've been for everyone if he had just the rabid, bloodthirsty dogs fight his little brother.

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