Can we talk about how weird and stupid this is? This is the Michigan Wolverines football team—awful in every way, from the tactical to the executive to the medical—shoving a spike into the Spartan Stadium turf and celebrating like a bunch of morons just prior to getting their shit kicked in by Michigan State 35-11.

Part of the reason for that scoreline is Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio running up the score in response to that ridiculous stunt, caught here on Big Ten Network's cameras:

Swag only works when you're winning, fellas.

Also, the fuck? A spike? Did they steal that from Depot Town in Ypsilanti? At least FSU uses a flaming spear. You guys brought a spike, literally a piece of garbage you found by the side of a road. Who, exactly, are you intimidating by wielding a spike? Hobos?