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Michigan State's Family Of Criminal Wide Receivers

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For a school that hasn't produced anything resembling a professional quarterback since the guy who backed up Johnny Unitas*, Michigan State actually has a pretty impressive roster of former wide receivers.

Even more impressive is their tendency to constantly find themselves in handcuffs. We all know about Captain Sweatpants, and you probably heard about Charles Rogers' latest misadventure. He was released from jail this week—after violating his probation for a domestic dispute—and ordered into a drug and alcohol treatment program. Well, former New York Giant Mark Ingram was not about to let those two goons steal all the Spartan alumni headlines. He was supposed to be in Kentucky last Friday to begin serving a 92-month sentence for money laundering, but I guess Ingram thought to himself, 'what if I just didn't show up?'

Hurley issued an arrest warrant for Ingram on Monday, after federal prosecutor Richard Donoghue told the judge Ingram had not appeared at the federal prison in Ashland, Ky., to begin his sentence, according to court papers.

Ingram's attorney, Raymond Colon, could not be reached for comment. Donoghue, who said in court after Ingram missed a sentencing date that the ex-football player apparently believed court dates were "optional," declined to comment yesterday.


Oh, so that's what happens. Go State! By the way, I like that the AOL slideshow on "Sports Figures in Trouble With the Law" has 96 pictures! I don't think the football team has that many scholarships to give out.

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*Okay, I'll always have a soft spot for Jim Miller.

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