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Mick Cronin Needed To Be Separated From Referee Ted Valentine

Mick Cronin was not a happy camper as he watched his No. 11 Cincinnati squad lose 51-45 to unranked UConn. After a call went against Cincinnati on a loose ball, Cronin angrily voiced his displeasure with Ted Valentine who was, of course, only too happy to entertain the grievance.


Cronin took a lot of heat from the broadcast (and the crowd) but it's pretty obvious that his frustration was compounded, and the entire situation escalated, by Valentine swiftly moving right into his face and engaging him. Cronin's no saint, obviously; he shoved his own players and assistants in his rage and generally behaved like a child. Still, praising Ted Valentine for showing his "patience" in not T-ing up Cronin is a bridge too far.


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