Image via YouTube/FOX

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, the greatest of all time, got more of a fight last night from challenger Ray Borg than many expected. Borg is a gifted wrestler and he worked Mighty Mouse into a few tight spots at times. This is what passes for a close fight right now, since Johnson is a near-perfect fighter and he was never really in trouble. At one point, Borg took his back and turned himself into a backpack. Johnson inhaled, got his bearings, and shed him with comic ease.

Borg, to his credit, took it to the fifth round and proved himself to be the best sort of opponent for someone as historically dominant as Mighty Mouse; good enough to force him to transcend his limits and try new shit. And boy did he. This is how he won, with a suplex and a midair armbar lock.


Every part of this defies convention, and the left leg lock on Borg’s head is an especially vicious flourish on a highlight-reel win. Mighty Mouse is the best to ever do it, may we all enjoy this run for as long as it lasts.