Miguel Delivered A Diving Leg Drop To Two Fans At The Billboard Awards

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Miguel's career in music may be over after this freak accident tonight at the Billboard Awards, but we're sure he has a future in the WWE—especially after we matched this slobberknocker to Jim Ross audio.

Here's two women who bore the brunt of his failed stagedive attempt (or was it failed? What was he trying to do?) and were quickly shuffled away from the scene. The one on the right takes a shoe to the head; the one on the left gets the full guillotine leg drop action to the neck. We have no idea their conditions, but if we hear anything we'll update!

Miguel, meanwhile, finished the song as if nothing had happened. [ABC]

Update: By request, here's a version called by Jim Ross. BAH GAWD.

Update (11:22 p.m.): Billboard & Miguel say the women are fine, but of course they have a reason to say that.