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Mike Brown Almost Got Arrested Trying To Follow The Spurs Motorcade Before Game 2

Screencap via ESPN

Before the Warriors began their unholy beatdown of the San Antonio Spurs, acting Warriors coach Mike Brown relayed the story of how he almost got arrested following the Spurs bus into the Warriors arena. It’s very good, and involves Brown actively messing with the cops (who didn’t care that he was trying to get to the same place as the Spurs for the same game) until they had five vehicles on him.


After Brown eventually got out of the way, Gregg Popovich figured out that the antagonistic SUV belonged to Brown and he called him for a laugh:

“Then I get this phone call: Gregg Popovich,” Brown said. “So I answer the phone and Pop is dying (laughing). He said: ‘Mike, I didn’t know that was you. I’m sitting here and I see this black Range Rover, I see all these cops surrounding him and I see the car trying to inch forward and I’m like, he’s about to get arrested.’ I said: ‘Pop, this is my own building.’ He said: ‘I know when I saw it was you, I died laughing.’”

That’s the last time any Warrior was stopped tonight.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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