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Mike Francesa And Daily News Reporter Battle To See Who Screams Louder

One of the Daily News's I-Team reporters who's been on the A-Rod beat, Michael O'Keeffe, went on WFAN and YES today to spar with Mike Francesa. The battle lines: Francesa thinks the News has been on a witch hunt against A-Rod, and the News thinks that's crap. The 40-minute or so interview broke Twitter for a while.

You're not going to learn a lot about the A-Rod arbitration case here, but if you want to hear two guys scream at each other—or, really, watch one guy finally being given a chance to stand toe-to-toe with Mike—it's worth a watch. The clip below is a six-minute excerpt of the entire interview, which you can find here. Be sure to get to the moment where O'Keefe accuses Francesa of giving "a big bro hug" to A-Rod at Spring Training 2010, leaving a wounded Francesa to defend his own honor.


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