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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Last week, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy went and shot himself in the dick when he attempted to smother any stories about the transfer of receiver Jalen McCleskey by threatening to revoke access from any reporters who asked about McCleskey. On Monday, during his weekly Big 12 coaches call with reporters, some media-friendly pranksters got their revenge. Here’s a transcript of the questions these beautiful and (to this point) anonymous heroes came up with for the man in Stillwater:


Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports came through shortly after with the amazing audio, in which Gundy slowly—very slowly—figures out he’s being fucked with. (According to Cowboys Ride For Free, the moderator apologized for letting the fake reporters through, to which Gundy responded, “It’s okay, we have a lot of fraudulent people in the world.”)

To whoever performed this great public service: 1) God bless, and 2) please do Nick Saban next.

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