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Nothing officially happened in Cleveland yesterday. If you check the MLB record books, you'll see that Paul Byrd did not have a no hitter going through nearly five innings, he was not one pitch away from completing the abbreviated game, and Mariners manager Mike Hargrove did not manipulate the umpires into saving his team from a 4-0, 5-inning pounding from the Cleveland Indians.

What officially happened was absolutely nothing, and nothing official can happen until today at 1:05.


It snowed fiercely at Jacobs Field yesterday... in the top of the 5th inning, Grady Sizemore used his lightsaber to cut open the belly of a big snow camel, and put his hands inside it for warmth.

Meanwhile, Indians pitcher Paul Byrd had Jose Lopez at a count of 1-2... literally 1 pitch away from this game being official. But the snow picked up even more, and that's when Mike Hargrove came out and started bitching to the ump... and eventually got the game called. They do the whole thing over again today. It never happened. Said Paul Byrd:

"It's just really hard to take, period. After the game, seeing all the guys laughing in the (Seattle) dugout was hard to take as well. It looked like they got away with something, and I think they did."

I think you're onto something there, Paul Byrd.

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