Mike McQueary Claims Greg Schiano And Tom Bradley Knew About Jerry Sandusky While At Penn State [Update]

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Among the documents relating to the Penn State abuse scandal that were unsealed by a Pennsylvania court today is a deposition given by former Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary, the key witness who claims he saw Jerry Sandusky molesting a boy in the football team’s shower in 2001, and then reported the incident to then-head coach Joe Paterno. Included in that deposition is another claim: That former Penn State assistant coaches Greg Schiano and Tom Bradley also knew about Sandusky’s abuse of children.


In the deposition, McQueary claims that when he told Bradley about what he had seen, Bradley was not shocked. McQueary claims that Bradley went on to tell him a story about a time Schiano had witnessed Sandusky abusing a child some time during the ‘90s:

Q: Did [Bradley] tell you that he had had information concerning Gerald Sandusky and children?

A: He said he knew of some things.

Q: And did he tell you what he knew of?

A: Yeah.

Q: What did he tell you?

A: He said another assistant coach had come to him in the early ‘90s about a very similar situation to mine, and he said that he had—someone had come to him as far back as early as the ‘80s about seeing Jerry Sandusky doing something with a boy.

Q: Did he identify who the other coaches were that had given him this information?

A: The one in the early ‘90s, yes.

Q: And who was that?

A: Greg Schiano.

Q: Greg Schiano?

A: Yes.

Q: And did he give you any details about what Coach Schiano had reported to him?

A: No, only that he had—I can’t remember if it was one night or one morning, but that Greg had come into his office white as a ghost and said he just say Jerry doing something to a boy in the shower. And that’s it. That’s all he ever told me.

Q: Did he tell you what, if anything, he had done about that?

A: No, he didn’t share with me.

Tom Bradley was at Penn State for 37 years as a player, graduate assistant, and then full-time assistant coach. He left the school in 2012 and is currently the defensive coordinator at UCLA.


Greg Schiano was an assistant coach at Penn State from 1990 to 1995. He was previously a head coach at Rutgers University and for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL, and is currently the defensive coordinator at Ohio State.

According to a report from a risk-management expert that was also unsealed today, at least six different instances of sexual abuse committed by Jerry Sandusky were witnessed by coaches or reported to university officials.

Update (3:08 p.m.): A representative of Tom Bradley sends along the following statement:

“At no time did Tom Bradley ever witness any inappropriate behavior. Nor did he have any knowledge of alleged incidents in the 80’s and 90’s. He has consistently testified as such. Any assertions to the contrary are false. When he became aware of the 2001 incident it had already been reported to the University administration years earlier.”


And here is a response from Greg Schiano:


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