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Mike McQueary Tells CBS His Emotions Are "Like A Snow Globe," Returns To Al Capone's Vault

CBS hyped up a televised interview with Penn State assistant coach and alleged child rape witness Mike McQueary this afternoon, and then aired a 22-second clip of Armen Keteyian confronting the subject on his front porch. Early in the day, Keteyian had tweeted out that on CBS's evening edition, "Mike McQueary breaks his silence and opens a window for me into his emotions." A window! More like a snow globe.


Here's the extent of their conversation, which includes a sentence that is one degree removed from a flat "no comment":

Keteyian: Do you have any idea when you might be ready to, to talk?

McQueary: This process has to play out. I just don't have anything else to say. At all.

Keteyian: Okay. And then, just one last thing—just describe your emotions right now.

McQueary: All over the place, just kind of... shaken.

Keteyian: Crazy?

McQueary: Crazy.

Keteyian: You said what? Like a...

McQueary: Snow globe.

Keteyian: Like a snow globe.

McQueary: Yes, sir.

Keteyian said that he spoke with McQueary "off camera" and learned that McQueary is "very rattled," "concerned," and "caught in a very difficult situation here." He is "shattered" and "shaken."

So, like a shattered snow globe, then.