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It looks like time (and awards) heals all Mike wounds, because Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg appeared pleased to be in each other’s company last night as they were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, less than two years after they reportedly could barely even make eye contact with each other of the set of their old show, Mike & Mike.

The Mikes’ relationship had, according to Sports Illustrated, deteriorated so badly in early 2017 that one staffer called it “poisonous,” and the Mikes split later that year for new ventures. Big Mike (Golic) got a new Mike named Trey Wingo. Little Mike (Greenberg) got a morning TV show. Both Mikes said they were “fine” with the other Mike. Early this year, it even seemed like maybe Little Mike missed Big Mike, saying he listened to his old Mike’s new show new Golic & Wingo “almost every day” and that he “gets everything he needs from it.” Aw.


And now look at them!

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Those silly Mikes!

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