Mike & Mike's Mike: I'm A New Mike

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How is Mike without Mike? Fantastic, if Mike is to be believed.

The Chicago Tribune ran an interview with Mike Golic today, asking him about the final days of hosting ESPN’s now-defunct Mike & Mike with Mike Greenberg and his fresh start with a new show co-hosted by Trey Wingo.

Golic concedes that the last year of Mike & Mike “wasn’t the greatest ending known to man,” with the network requiring that the hosts keep news of the show’s demise quiet for months, even as rumors spread and many fans discovered that the program was ending. That part of the discussion led to this wonderful moment, in which interviewer Phil Rosenthal tries to tie Golic’s comments about accepting the end of the show with his new sponsorship of a diabetes medication:

Not to sound too flip, but you sound like some people with diabetes you were talking about: resigned to your fate.

“The way I looked at it, the show was ending. If I could stop it, I would, but I couldn’t. I’m one of those guys who is going to try to control what I can control. I’m going to show up every day and do the best show I can.”


Now, though, Golic is free. He says he’s “rejuvenated,” praising his “natural chemistry” with his new cohost on Golic and Wingo:

“We’re doing more bits. We’re laughing a little bit more.”

Bring on the bits.

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