Mike Milbury Knows About Honorable Fighting

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There's been some talk lately—as there usually is about once a year—about ending fighting in hockey. Of course, that would not put a stop to the much more entertaining fights between talking heads.

Actually, I wish NFL and MLB analysts argued as vehemently as Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury did during the intermission of NBC's hockey game yesterday. The two debated the merits of the sport's fighting traditions, with McGuire taking the side of reasonable concern for safety and Milbury taking the side of those who hate granola-eating pansies. Pierre apparently doesn't like it when players have their careers—or lives—ended by fists. What a pussy!

My favorite part is when Milbury tries to claim no one has ever been killed in a fight, even though the reason they are even having this argument on TV is because a senior league player died from a fight just this month. Oops.


By the way, if anyone knows about "honorable fighting" it's Milbury. Remember, this classic brawl from 1979 when half the Boston Bruins went into the crowd at Madison Square Garden to pummel Rangers fans? Guess which Bruin is the one caught beating an unruly New Yorker with his own shoe....


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