Mike Pouncey Served With Aaron Hernandez-Related Subpoena After Game

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The Dolphins lost to the Patriots today, and then center Mike Pouncey's day got worse. Massachusetts police served him with grand-jury papers outside the locker room, and according to Sports Illustrated's source, the subpoena is related to the investigation of Aaron Hernandez, Pouncey's former teammate at the University of Florida. Pouncey hasn't been charged with anything. Per SI, which also got the well-timed photo above: "The extent of Pouncey's potential involvement is undetermined, but police are focusing on multiple transactions that involve him and Hernandez." Peter King on Sunday Night Football said that it may be related to Hernandez's possible involvement in interstate gun trafficking.

After the game, two members of the Massachusetts State Police in dark suits approached Pouncey in the hallway between the Dolphins locker room and the team bus and handed him a piece of white paper. "It's about a grand jury investigation," one official could be heard telling Pouncey. The same police official later said, "Make sure you arrive."

Pouncey appeared confused when handed the paperwork by police and said, "What's this about?" Soon Dolphins officials were scrambling around the concourse looking for answers.

Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi was in the vicinity at the time and asked one of the officers if they'd spoken to Dolphins director of security Stu Weinstein. A uniformed Massachusetts State Police officer held out his right arm and attempted to shield Rizzi from hearing the conversation between Pouncey and police officials.

Rizzi later said with a perplexed look on his face, "Pouncey just got served papers."


Photo: Sports Illustrated