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Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert is one of the more endearing players in the NFL, due in large part to the fact that he is the rare skill-position player who is actually capable of scoring fat-guy touchdowns. My appreciation for Tolbert grew immensely last night, when I noticed that the big man had apparently sliced the hem of his jersey in order to fit into it.

You’re probably looking at that image right now and saying, “Well, that could just be a tear.” To that I say:


He cut it on both sides! I looked through some photos of Tolbert from previous games, and this doesn’t appear to be something he has done before. So either someone accidentally gave him a jersey that was too small yesterday, or he finally decided that it was time to unleash the full force of his fat-guy swagger. I hope he plays the Super Bowl in a white muscle shirt.

Second photo via Getty

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