Mike Tomlin, Reggie Nelson Have Lively Discussion After Bengals-Steelers

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Bengals safety Reggie Nelson took out Le'Veon Bell in tonight's game with a low—but legal—hit to Bell's leg. The Steelers back exited the game; team doctors say he has a hyperextended knee. Coincidentally, coach Mike Tomlin had an animated conversation with Nelson after the game.

Tomlin was brusque about the on-field talk in his postgame presser, saying Nelson's hit was legal and that he wouldn't be getting into his own opinions of what happened. (Marvin Lewis, who separated the two, didn't say anything.) So, maybe Tomlin and Nelson were just debating cake vs. pie. Whatever the two talked about, it was probably frustrating for Tomlin to see his bell cow get hurt because a safety felt like going for the legs. Yeah, it's legal, but that's no consolation to Bell's knee.