Mike Tyson Has Finally Been Reduced To A (Possibly Naked) Vegas Lounge Act

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I suppose this was inevitable. A great many infirm or destitute boxing champions wind up soft-shoeing in Las Vegas at some point. It is now Mike Tyson's turn. As reported elsewhere over the past few days, Tyson is getting ready to star in "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth—Live on Stage," a one-man one-week multimedia show about his life at the MGM Grand next month. Fitting location. The MGM Grand is where Tyson chomped Evander Holyfield's ear and snuffed out his last real chance at athletic redemption.

Tickets to the show, which was co-written by Tyson's wife Kiki, range from $99.99 to $499.99. Tyson told one of the Las Vegas papers that no topic will be off-limits. He'll open up about Cus D'Amato, Don King, Robin Givens, Muhammad Ali, the death of his daughter, pigeon-worshipping, ear-chomping, going to prison for rape. Tyson could even appear naked in the show, although it's hard to know what he meant by the following statement in the Daily Mail:

"Film of me going to prison will be screened behind me and I will get naked there in front of people.

That's what I call it, being naked with my clothes on. Just telling the truth."

Tyson might sing. He might dance. He might get naked. Let's just hope he doesn't glad-hand by the slot machines afterward.