Mike Tyson Thinks Heavyweight Boxing Will Someday Return To Its Ali-Frazier Peak

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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: optimism from Iron Mike.


Tyson joined ESPN Las Vegas to talk about the passing of Joe Frazier earlier this week, Frazier and Ali being the ‘vanguards of apex competition', how much Frazier's style of fighting influenced him, the Frazier-Ali trilogy, if boxing will ever regain its stature within the American sporting landscape, and what Frazier was like as he knew him.

The passing of one of boxing's greats this week:
"Oh man, like I've stated before, he and Ali were like the vanguards of apex competition, the best fighters in the world fighting with every ounce of blood that they possess. It was just amazing just to know that human beings posses that kind of intentional fortitude."

How much Frazier's style of fighting influenced him as a young boxer:
"You know, as a young man coming up in the world as a fighter, everyone always compared me to Joe Frazier because of my height - I was 5'10 1/2″ and I was very aggressive, and I always took that as an honor. Because when Smokin' was smoking, he smoked."

On the Frazier-Ali trilogy of fights being the pinnacle of boxing's greatness:
"Hey man, those guys in the heavyweight division, they were the yardsticks in which all fighters behind them had to measure up to."

Will we ever get back to boxing get back its a big deal like it once was:
"Time always repeats itself, it will come back eventually. But we just have to enjoy it for what it is now. There's always moments in time for everything where they say there's the apex…"

What Frazier was like as he knew him:
"Just a remarkable man. The way he fought in the ring was the way he lived his life. Just very confident; he was always a pleasure to have around and just a wonderful man. He is someone that the boxing world will never forget. He and Ali are intertwined because they brought out the best in one another."


If he ever shook Frazier's hand and experienced his incredibly hard and powerful hand shake:
"Yes, I've shaken his hand many times. He was a hard man."

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