The NHL season is only a few weeks old, but for Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Van Ryn it probably feels like an eternity. Back in October, he removed a pane of glass from the boards in Boston with his face and on Saturday night he was on the receiving end of this rather nasty boarding penalty from Montreal's Tom Kostopoulous. I think he's going to feel that one in the morning. Van Ryn was merely roughed up on the glass shattering incident, but on this one he suffered "a concussion, a gash on his forehead, a broken nose and a broken bone in his hand" and will probably be out a month. Tom Kostopoulous got a game misconduct and a five-minute major, which Toronto scored on to start what would become a 6-3 rout. Kostopoulous was also "visibly shaken" and apologized profusely, but the last time I checked apologies can't fix a deviated septum. Mike Van Ryn Can't Win For Trying [Deuce of Davenport] Grabovski helps Maple Leafs beat Canadiens [Yahoo]