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Titans coach Mike Vrabel is one week into his NFL head coaching career, and so far his contributions to the franchise have consisted of an obnoxious pregame workout routine and getting beat by the Dolphins. But he’s got a new wrinkle for Week 2: two quarterbacks at the same time.


Starting quarterback Marcus Mariota couldn’t finish last week’s game because of an elbow injury, but was a full participant in practice on Wednesday. Something changed on Thursday and Friday, though, because Mariota didn’t practice in full on either day. Reporters today wondered if this was a sign that backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert will start on Sunday, or if Mariota will be healthy enough to lead the team. Vrabel provided a surprising answer to their questions (via

“(He’s) trying,” Vrabel said of Mariota. “We are evaluating. We anticipate both of those guys playing in the game, OK? We are going to have to do a lot of things to win this football game, and I would anticipate both of those guys playing at some point and time.”

Before you spend too much time staring off into space trying to come up with an argument for how using a two-man quarterback rotation could actually be a totally sick strategy that could totally work if you really think about it, man, just remember this: Marcus Mariota and Blaine Gabbert aren’t very good.

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