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Mike Wallace And Brandon Gibson Gave The Weirdest Interview

After Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace was either benched in or pulled himself from Miami's regular-season finale, he stood by his locker and remained silent while teammate Brandon Gibson spoke to reporters in his place.

Over his two years with the Dolphins, Wallace hasn't ever seemed thrilled with his usage in the team's schemes or Ryan Tannehill's reluctance to go deep. Things came to a head late in the first half of yesterday's loss to the Jets: having been targeted only once, Wallace had words with WR coach Phil McGeoghan and then with head coach Joe Philbin. Word initially came out that Wallace had been benched, but the way NFL Network's Jeff Darlington tells it, Wallace took himself out:


What's Wallace's version of events?

Gibson: "Differences in opinion led us to Mike not playing in the second half. That was what was said by the coaches."

Wallace: [Nods]

Why did Wallace decide to have Gibson speak for him?

Gibson: "Just don't want my dog to say anything wrong."

Wallace: [Stares]

Does Wallace expect to be back with the Dolphins next season?

Gibson: "That remains to be seen. I'm not really at liberty to discuss anything right now."

Wallace: [Nods a little too vigorously]

Last week, after a dramatic and meaningless win over the Vikings, an ebullient Stephen Ross strode up to reporters and told them Joe Philbin would return as head coach next year. Philbin then rewarded his owner's confidence by having his team collapse its way to another .500 season, overseeing a major act of insubordination, and providing one lasting locker-room circus to go out on. Enjoy your 2015, Dolphins!

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