Milledgeville Officer Said Woman Was Making Up Her Rape Accusation

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The day before the investigative documents were released, the Milledgeville officer who took the alleged victim's statement resigned. We've got a pretty good idea why: he said she was lying.

Witness statements say the alleged victim approached the first police officer she could find to file a report. That happened to be Milledgeville Police Sgt. Jerry Blash.

After speaking to her, Blash approached one of Roethlisberger's friends/bodyguards, an off-duty Pennsylvania cop.

Hey, I need to talk to you guys," Sgt. Blash reportedly told Officer [Anthony] Barravecchio, the off-duty Coraopolis officer.

"We have a problem. This drunken bitch, drunk off her ass, is accusing Ben of rape," Officer Barravecchio said Sgt. Blash told him. "This pisses me off. Women can do this. It's bullshit but we've got to do this, we've got to do a report. This is BS. She's making shit up."

[Friend of the alleged victim Nicole] Biancofiore said at first it seemed as if Sgt. Blash was not going to file a report. She told investigators that Sgt. Blash said he would, but also noted that Mr. Roethlisberger has wealth, has access to lawyers and that they would be wasting their time.


Blash resigned Wednesday, once it became clear that his statements would be in the documents released to the public. His actions are under investigation.

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