You may not know this, but the Gawker Overlords have me hooked up to this machine that electrocutes me every time I even thi— BUZZ! Ah! Dammit! Every time I even think about posting a CFL stor— BUZZ! Shit! Story. But guess wha— BUZZ! Ouch! I don't care. Milt Stegall— BUZZ! Milt Stegall deserves his props, dammit! BUZZ! Fuck! OK, now that one really hurt.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers slotback Milt Stegall scored a touchdown in the second quarter to officially become the league's touchdown leader with 138, moving past legendary running backs George Reed and Mike Pringle. Yes, legendary. It was an emotional night:

"I wanted to break the record, I'd be lying if I said I didn't," Stegall said afterward. "Somebody was saying that was 'your drive.' I made some big plays on it.

"I think what made it so emotional was I was in front of a sellout crowd that was screaming my name, screaming my number. I'm not one to cry, I just sweat a lot, so that covers up the tears."

OK, so it was also a humid night. Whatever. Congrats, Milt!

Emotional Stegall Sets CFL TD Record In Win Over Ticats [National Post]