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Milton Bradley Will Now Be Mistreated By A New Fan Base

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The Chicago sports media trade Milton Bradley to Seattle for the remains of Carlos Silva. Nick Johnson will compete for a spot on the Yankees' disabled list. Ladies and gentlemen, this is HOT FUCKING STOVE.

• The Yankees are looking at Mark DeRosa, which is bad news if only because it'd give Mike Lupica a new gritty exemplar of Playing Baseball the Right Way whom he can dry-hump in his column.

• Hal Steinbrenner says he's concerned about Boston's moves thus far. "It's concerning," Hal Steinbrenner says. In a town called New York, in a newspaper called the Daily News, a man called Lupica expresses an opinion.


• Cliff Lee was hunting deer in Arkansas when he heard he had been traded, and then he was very sad.

• Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan can't get over the big pile of money Roy Halladay just left on the table: "The story here is that one of the best players in baseball took somewhere between 35-50 percent of his market value to facilitate a trade, leaving somewhere between $60 and $100 million in guaranteed money on the table. This is a staggering upset, one for which there is virtually no comparison in baseball history."

• Ken Rosenthal throws some shit at the wall.

• The Rangers don't like the looks of Mike Lowell's thumb.

• The Mets shrewdly hold firm on their offer to overpay Jason Bay for four years, not five.


• The Braves sign Crash Davis.

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