Milton Bradley Would Like To Have A Word If You've Got A Minute

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So Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said that Milton Bradley was "acting cordially" and "wanted to set the record straight" after Bradley's near confrontation with TV play-by-play man Ryan Lefebvre following their game with the Royals Wednesday. Yep, that's exactly how it sounds to me:

A Kansas City police officer was posted outside the TV booth after Bradley climbed four flights of stairs and reached the press level at Kauffman Stadium before being brought back to the clubhouse by Daniels. A visibly upset Bradley was fighting back tears in the clubhouse when speaking to teammates. “All I want to do is play baseball and make a better life for my kid,” Bradley said. “I’m strong, but I’m not that strong.”

Bradley was upset by comments made by Lefebvre during Texas' 11-5 win over the Royals. So what exactly was said? Lefebvre says he doesn't remember. “We were complimenting Josh Hamilton on how he’s turned his life around and taken responsibility for his mistakes,” said Lefebvre, who partners with analyst Frank White. “Frank and I were having a conversation on how it’s a shame that it doesn’t appear that Milton Bradley has done the same thing in his life."


Hard to believe that the same mild-mannered player who injured himself going after an umpire and has given us so many other fine wholesome baseball moments would charge a TV booth like that. But like Daniels said, I'm sure it was just to discuss the issue calmly. Pay no attention to the axe he brought along.


In Case You Were Curious About The Game ... David Murphy had two homers, including a grand slam, to lead the Rangters over the Royals 11-5.

Prognosis Negative. The test results are in, and it was determined that the Cardinals' Albert Pujols will miss at least three weeks due to a strained calf suffered on Tuesday. Bummer. Meanwhile, Rick Ankiel and Jason LaRue homered in the first to lead St. Louis over Cincinnati 10-0.

Breaking Even. Jack Cust drove in three runs to lead the Athletics over the Yankees 8-4. Jason Giambi's 15th homer couldn't prevent New York from falling to .500 (33-33).

Wizard Cat Defensive Player Of The Day. Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins. The first two-time winner of this prestigious honor robbed the Indians in the sixth. Very impressive. Wizard Cat gives this catch: Four wands.


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