"Minimum of 5 Years Of Successful Collegiate Football Coaching Experience Preferred": You Can Apply To Coach Wisconsin Football

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You only have 11 days to ready your application, and you have to possess a bachelor's degree, but the rest of it is all optional: If you sent in a good enough application—and really, that's just about confidence—you could probably wow them enough that they would waive their "preference" for a coach with "experience" at the "Division I" level. Preparedness, posture, a good handshake, putting your resumé on stationary that has a badger wearing a red "W" sweater at the top—if you can hit a few of these key prerequisites, you have as good a chance as anyone. It's a tough economy, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Who's your compeition—Brad Childress? You've got this.

We can't find the law that says all public jobs must be advertised externally, but it seems to be a standard equitable labor procedure to which public universities are probably obligated. Usually, that's a good thing—it's always weird to see that a guy like Nick Saban can be the highest paid employee of the state of Alabama by almost two million dollars (and when that survey was taken, Gene Chizik was second), and anything that increases transparency is good—but writing up this listing must have been an odd experience for the Academic Personnel Office intern that did it:

Areas of responsibility include coaching, organizing and conducting practices, recruiting, conditioning, budget, administration of sport, supervision of assistant coaches and operations, public relations and other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director.


They forgot "Must make the Rose Bowl." If you're a coach working your way up the ranks, coachgrader.com keeps tabs on open postings—Idaho may be a bit more your speed.

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