The Northern Elite Football League (not to be confused with minor league football competitor New England Football League) banned two players for life after a nasty brawl broke out in Eau Claire, Wisconsin between the Lake Superior Rage and Eau Claire Crush.

Wide receiver Lashawn Bullock and kicker Ryan Rodriguez earned the ban for their roles in a fight Saturday between the squads. Four other players earned three-game suspensions, and Lake Superior was placed in what the league calls "bad standing," meaning they'd be required to play any postseason games on the road despite being undefeated so far this season.

A Rage player allegedly punched Crush coach Fred Hoversholm while another Rage player is reported to have attacked an opponent with his helmet. We're not sure what's the most shocking part of this: that a kicker was banned for violence, that a coach was punched, or that a minor league football organization has the balls to use the word "elite" in its name.

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