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For a while, this basebrawl was suitably wild without exceeding the bounds of a typical melee. During a Sunday game between the West Michigan Whitecaps and the Dayton Dragons of the Class-A Midwest League, Whitecaps shortstop Daniel Pinero stepped on Jose Siri’s ankle after he stole second. Siri and Pinero got in each other’s grills and went at it before being separated by their entire teams. This is what typically ends such a fracas.

However, it appears that Eduardo Jimenez took it a step further when he fired a ball at Dragons reliever Jesse Stallings.

Siri and Pinero were quickly ejected, but no umpires saw Jimenez throw the baseball. Stalling took a hit in the leg and was not injured. Jimenez has yet to be disciplined, although Midwest League president Richard Nussbaum said he expects that to come soon (teams levy their own penalties.)


Update, 6/2, 2:36 p.m. EDT: Jimenez got 30 games.

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