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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Miscounted Chips Lead To World Series Of Poker Drama

Illustration for article titled Miscounted Chips Lead To World Series Of Poker Drama
Screenshot: @PokerCentral

The World Series of Poker, the favorite sporting event of kids who are home all day for summer break and can’t find anything good to watch, is currently underway, and folks, we got some drama.


During yesterday’s Main Event, Dario Sammartino found himself heads up with Nick Marchington, who had just gone all in. Sammartino asked the dealer for a count of all the chips in the pot, and when she told him there were 17.2 million in pot he decided to call. Immediately after pushing his chips forward, however, the dealer realized she had made a mistake and miscounted. There were actually 22.2 million in the pot. Then came a whole lot of awkward explaining and exasperated grumbling:


Eventually, Word Series of Poker vice president Jack Effel was called to the table to rather sassily explain to Sammartino that regardless of what the dealer said, he was ultimately responsible for knowing exactly how much was in the pot and how much he was betting. “You can’t talk your way out of it,” he said with the vibe of a disappointed parent.

Sammartino ultimately lost the hand, but at least now he has a unique bad beat story to tell his friends.

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