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Missing Homeless San Francisco Giants Fan Found In LA

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Known simply as Billy (with a last name believed to be Chamberlain), he had endeared himself to a number of people affiliated with the Giants—players, coaches, security, writers—by pleasantly hanging around the parking lot for years. And then Billy was gone, his absence noteworthy enough to make the papers and even inspire scoreboard postings wondering about his whereabouts.

Yesterday, however, Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News found Billy outside Dodger Stadium. Baggarly snapped the photo you see above and wrote about their conversation in his pregame notes:

He said he's OK and was looking forward to seeing the team. He's been in Southern California for awhile, and although he heard something about people looking for him, he had no idea the Giants had been showing his picture on the scoreboard, etc.

"That's the first I heard of that," he said, smiling.

Where's he been staying?

"Around," he said.

Is he OK?

"Yeah, I'm OK. I'm here to see the team."

Why did he move away from the Bay Area, and will he go back?

"It was time. It's warm here. I don't think so."

Billy said he tried to see the team in San Diego earlier this month, but he got there after the team left and a security guard shooed him away.


Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle also caught up with Billy and got a reaction from Giants manager Bruce Bochy:

"I'm happy," manager Bruce Bochy said. "We were hoping he just went off on his own. It's good to know he's healthy and moved on.

"We're still blaming our little skid on him for leaving," Bochy joked.

Keep on keeping on, Billy.

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