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Mississippi State Backs It Up, May Be Your New #1 Team

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The Bulldogs of Mississippi State handled Texas A&M last week, but no one seemed particularly convinced of their might — they went into today's game against Auburn as underdogs at home.


How about a win 15-point victory against the #2 team in the country? Is that a sufficient win to stack behind their previous two wins against top ten teams?

Mississippi State just keeps slapping the cool kids in the face, and nothing about it looks fluky. In consecutive weeks now, the Bulldogs have beaten #8 LSU, #6 Texas A&M, and #2 Auburn, and even considering that the LSU win doesn't look as substantial today as it did two weeks ago, I don't know that anyone else has a resume that nice. At least until Ole Miss gets their shot at Texas A&M tonight (for which they are also underdogs).


They seem so complete. Last week, they rode a masterful passing performance from Dak Prescott, and this week, they didn't get that, but they still rolled up the yards. Prescott ran for 121 yards, and Josh Robinson, the 5'9" running back with the Samoan ass, added 97. Defensively, no, they didn't shut anyone down, but that's not really how college football works today. You just need a few stops at the right time and a couple of big plays, and they are loaded with playmakers.

Mississippi State. Loaded with playmakers. Imagine that.

Hard to believe, but they still have two top-ten teams left on the schedule. Alabama, currently ranked 7th, in mid-November, and then they close in the Egg Bowl against #3 Ole Miss two weeks after that. They'll probably be underdogs in both of those games, too.

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