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Image: @XGames

At the 1999 X Games in San Francisco, Tony Hawk became the first person in competitive skateboarding history to land a 900, two-and-a-half rotations. It took 20 years, but someone’s added another 360 degrees. At last week’s X Games in Minneapolis, 22-year-old Mitchie Brusco pulled off the first 1260 in skating history.


Brusco was already one of two people ever to make three full turns for a 1080. His boys were mega stoked, but Brusco remained chill about the history-making trick.

Brusco, who’s competed at the X Games since he was 14, first attempted a 1260 earlier this year in Shanghai. He credits his indoor skydiving sessions for helping him get comfortable with whipping around three-and-a-half times in mid-air. Somehow, Brusco only won a silver medal in Big Air; Elliot Sloan took gold with a higher score on his final run. Speaking as a layman, that seems bogus to me.

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