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MLB Doctor: Steroids Are Good For You!

So you don't have to sift through the whole document, we're gonna call out some key pages.

To us, this is the most amazing section of the whole Mitchell Report. Essentially, Dr. Robert Millman, the medical director of MLB, told a doctor who had criticized Mark McGwire's use of andro that "everyone in baseball is irritated with you" and "if you don't shut up, they're going to sue you.


And that's not all. Another great section:

Bill Stoneman, who retired in 2007 as the general manager of the Los Angeles Angels, had a similar recollection of a presentation by Drs. Millman and Solomon. He remembered wondering at the time why Major League Baseball had permitted the presentation, which to his recollection included the assertion that there was no evidence that anabolic steroids were bad for you. He said that the baseball executives in attendance were universally frustrated with the message of leniency that was being conveyed.

That's pretty amazing.


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