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MLB To Introduce "Interview Caps." You Know, For Interviews.

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How funny! I was just saying to myself the other day, "MLB needs more caps. Sure, they've got home caps, road caps, alternate caps, throwback caps, second alternate caps, batting practice caps, road batting practice caps, fashion caps, and playoff caps for each round, but that's not nearly enough caps. If only someone could make some more caps."

Someone heard my prayer, because Uni Watch's Paul Lukas is reporting that MLB will be introducing "Interview Caps" for every team. The Mets' cap, seen above, is the only one to come out so far, so we'll leave the style critiques to the experts (it's hideous). Instead we'll ask: What the hell is this thing for?

According to MetsBro, a blogger who first leaked the design yesterday,

"From what I hear its purpose is to be worn during interviews and off-the-field stuff (charity events, blood drives, etc.). Unlike the NHL's version, however, it will not be mandatory for players/coaches to wear the cap during interviews. It's more if just a ‘Here if you want it' type of thing."


As pointed out, the NHL already has specific caps for players to wear when meeting with the media, and the NFL will fine anyone who doesn't wear officially licensed gear. So the fact that MLB's interview caps aren't mandatory would seem benevolent. But then—why bother at all? To have more caps, dummy! It'd be foolish to have fewer caps, and to keep the same number of caps? Well, that's no solution at all! More caps! More caps is the only way! Caps available for sale at your team's clubhouse store, or online at Caps! Caps for everyone! Buy more caps and support America!

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